Sales Information

Monuments, private mausoleums, and headstones can be purchased directly from Plum Creek Cemetery. Our Business Manager Brady Clarke will gladly meet with you to review the varied monument designs and sizes that are available to serve as a lasting memorial for your loved one. The cemetery tour provides a variety of headstones, mausoleums, and monuments that are available for your viewing convenience.

Please contact Mr. Clarke to schedule a convenient meeting, 412.793.7666, or

When purchasing your selection directly from Plum Creek Cemetery, you will find:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Warrantied products
  • Delivery and installation included
  • Dedicated beautification of the grounds

Foundation Information

Plum Creek Cemetery offers foundations on which monuments can be placed. We are one of the only cemeteries in the area that allow upright headstones to be displayed.  Due to the size of upright headstones, one must own three continuous plots to have an upright headstone erected.

All monuments must be approved by the Business Manager. Only granite and bronze monuments are permitted.

Foundation Pricing*

Plum Creek Cemetery charges $1 per square inch for foundations.  This price is calculated by the size of the monument that meets the ground.

Monument sizes allowed over grave(s)*

Baby Grave- Flush ground markers no larger than 16" X 10"

One grave- Slant markers no larger than 24" wide by 18" tall.  Bases for slant not larger than 32" wide by 8" tall.

Two graves- Slant markers no larger than 42" wide by 18" tall.  Bases for slant markers no larger than 50" wide by 8" tall.

Three graves- Upright monuments allowed.  Total measurements no larger than 6 feet wide, 4 feet tall, and 16 inches in depth.

Four or more graves- Call Brady Clarke to discuss.  We will attempt to allow what is desired, however the decision will be based on the location within the Cemetery and other maintenance factors involved.



Available in designated areas. Minimum of ten (10) plots required for private mausoleums. See our Business Manager for more information.